Monthly Sales Report

January, 2023

January 2023 Monthly UK Domain Sales Report

Hello, and welcome to the January 2023 edition of the UK domain name sales report!

For those of you that haven’t been here before, every month I give an overview of all the interesting bits from publicly reported UK domain name sales.

You can read all previous UK domain name sales reports, which are powered by sales data collated from Domain Sales History.

If you have sold any UK domain names or are aware of any sales that do not exist in the database, please do get in touch and let me know.

Have you read last months sales report?

If you haven't done so already, I recommend reading the December 2022 Monthly Sales Report as we compare sales data frequently throughout this report.

With that shameful self-promotion out of the way, let's move on to this months sales report!

January 2023 UK domain sales overview

Lets have a very brief overview of the UK domain market over the last month...

The following table shows a breakdown of key data comparing this months sales data against last month.

Month Total Sales .uk LLL Total Value
January 154 49 100 5 30 £40,410
December 143 29 98 16 14 ¤44,807

Total Sales Revenue

There were 154 reported domain sales this month, generating a total revenue of £40,410.

The total revenue of the top 10 sales this month was £22,390 (-12%)

Domain sales grouped by extension

Lets take a look at how many domains were sold per extension in January 2023.

The best way of achieving that is to group the sales by extension, then sort them into descending order, which gives us:

  • 100 (+2)
  • 49 .uk (+20)
  • 5 (-11)

Coming out on top this month is the extension with 100 sales.

LLL domain sales

There were 30x LLL's sold this month, which is +114% on last months tally of 14.

Breaking LLL sales down by extension gives us 11x, 19x .uk. was the top selling LLL this month, with a price of £1,300 sold via Domainlore.

For those of you that don't know, LLL means a three letter domain. If it contains a number (or hyphen) it does not qualify as an LLL.

What was the longest domain that sold in January 2023?

For some reason, I like to keep an eye on what the longest domain is each month.

This month it was with 28 characters, selling for £56 via Domainlore.

Top 3 UK domain names sold in January 2023

Honours are shared this month, with Flip, Domainlore, making up the top 3 sales platforms for January 2023.

  1. In 1st place this month we have, selling for £6,400 via Flip.
  2. comes in 2nd, selling for £3,310 via Domainlore.
  3. Finally, in 3rd place we have, selling for £3,000 via

Top 10 UK domain names sold in January 2023

No. Domain Price Platform Extension Length
1 £6,400 Flip 6
2 £3,310 Domainlore 10
3 £3,000 11
4 £2,600 Domainlore 10
5 £1,777 Domainlore 4
6 £1,300 Domainlore 3
7 £1,250 Domainlore 6
8 £1,053 Domainlore 3
9 £923 Domainlore 11
10 £777 Domainlore 3

Although Flip sits at the top of the tree, the top 10 is dominated by Domainlore with 8 domains sold.

Domain sales grouped by platform

Here I list the top sale from each platform to try and promote each platform as best I can - even if they don't hit the top sales figures.

Platforms are ordered alphabetically. sales in January 2023 reported 1 sale this month,, which sold for £3,000.

The details of the sale were published by Acorn Domains

Domainlore sales in January 2023

Domainlore reported 124 sales this month, with a total sales revenue of £27,961.

The the top selling domain this month was, which sold for £3,310.

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Flip sales in January 2023

Flip reported 29 sales this month, with a total sales revenue of £9,449.

The the top selling domain this month was, which sold for £6,400.

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Top Performing Sales Platforms for January 2023

I like to believe that “Top Performing” is a relative phrase. Some sales platforms have been around longer and have earned a loyal customer base. Other sales platforms (like Sedo) sell a broad range of domain extensions and naturally receive a larger viewership, meaning more potential buyers which can inflate the eventual sale price.

You also need to remember that Sedo charges 15% sales commission (at time of writing) for marketplace domains. The buyer is also expected to pay a 3% handling fee for any domain purchases over 500 USD / GBP / EUR when using Alipay, PayPal, and Credit Card.

(The below table is ordered alphabetically as that seems the most sensible).

Platform Sales Revenue Avg. Sale Price 1 £3,000 £3,000
Domainlore 124 £27,961 £225
Flip 29 £9,449 £325 closed the month with 1 sale. Total revenue was £3,000, which gives us an average of £3,000 per domain.

Domainlore reported 124 sales this month. Total revenue was £27,961, with an average domain price of £225.

Flip closed the month with 29 sales. Total revenue was £9,449, which gives us an average of £325 per domain.

Final Thoughts

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