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What is Domain Sales History?

An introduction to Domain Sales History, what it is, how it came about, future plans, and more.

I thought it was about time I started a blog to house all the thoughts, ideas, updates, and plans for Domain Sales History, while also creating something that provides something for me to look back on as a reference, as well as holding myself accountable for future development.

What is Domain Sales History, and why does it exist?

Domain Sales History as an app with a database of more than 26,000 historic UK domain name sales going back as far as 2003, and as recent as within the last few hours.

The app is almost entirely automated, but with functionality to add domain sales manually when required. At time of writing I am in the process of creating functionality to support user submissions, as many private sales are not published on major domain news outlets like,, etc.

Search and Filter Domain Sales

I wanted to create something that allowed visitors to search and filter reported UK domain name sales. The current filtering implementation isn’t perfect and I do want to improve it to include things like exclusions (domain does not contain, etc), sales between date ranges, domains with more than ‘X’ sales, etc.

Built in 2015, then re-built and re-launched 2021

This is the 2nd iteration of the app, and it exists primarily for my own interests in wanting to discover any common trends for domain character length, seasonal effects on domain prices, domains that have sold multiple times, and grouping domains together that contain the same or related keywords.

The first iteration started development in 2015 and was built solely for me. I then shared it on Acorn Domains forum for other members in case they were interested, of which many gave positive feedback and even feature requests that I began implementing over time.

It has served a great purpose for me as a developer, allowing me to experiment with and learn new technologies, as well as forever tweaking and improving existing code and functionality.

There is a roadmap as long as my arm for feature implementations, but as a project of passion it doesn’t make any money. I’m not sure how to change this (or if that’s even possible), so sometimes it is placed on the back-burner.

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Domain Sales History

Aggregating UK domain sales history into a single searchable database since 2015, with sales data from 2003 to 2024

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