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About this domain sales email template generator

This tool is based on a proven successful sales email template, originating from the domain sales phenom that was @Federer, over on

He was (and probably still is) prolific in UK domain sales, regularly selling FTR domains from between £100-£1000+ per transaction.

I have mastered the marketing down to 15mins/domain. A couple of hours marketing/day usually results in at least 1-2 sales/day.

Important to try and personalise each email (even if it's just a few words, or including the name of the company you are contacting) and keep a list of companies/emails that do not want to be contacted again about domain-offers.

Tip: to speed up marketing dramatically, I type in these keywords in when searching for leads (and their contact details):

"[domain name as human-readable word]" email

In most cases, the first 1-8 pages of results will give you more targeted email addresses than you need.

10-25 emails to targeted companies will land you the 1-2 "how much" replies you need to convert at least 1 sale.

@Federer, May 23rd, 2015

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