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The Million Dollar Home Page

Ever wondered how many UK domains are found on the Million Dollar Homepage? No. Me neither. Until today!

Remembering the Million Dollar Homepage

If, like me, you’re old enough to remember the early days of the internet, you probably remember The Million Dollar Homepage.

If not, then let me give you a short history lesson...

What was the Million Dollar Homepage?

The Million Dollar Homepage was a unique online project created by a British student named Alex Tew in August 2005. The concept behind the Million Dollar Homepage was simple yet innovative: Tew created a website consisting of a single web page divided into a grid of one million pixels.

Tew's goal was to sell each individual pixel on the homepage for $1. The pixels were arranged in blocks of 10x10, and advertisers could purchase a minimum block size of 100 pixels (10x10) for $100. The purchased pixels would then display an image or logo of the advertiser, which would be hyperlinked to their website.

The idea quickly gained attention and became a viral sensation. People were intrigued by the novelty and creativity of the project, and it gained significant media coverage. As a result, the website received massive traffic and attracted numerous advertisers who wanted to be a part of this unique online experiment.

The Million Dollar Homepage's success was mainly driven by the scarcity factor. As the pixels started to get filled up, the remaining available space became more valuable. Businesses and individuals saw the opportunity to gain exposure and drive traffic to their websites, even if it meant occupying just a small portion of the page.

Over time, the Million Dollar Homepage filled up completely, and Tew reached his goal of making one million dollars in ad revenue. The website became a symbol of internet entrepreneurship and creativity, demonstrating how a simple and innovative idea could attract a substantial amount of attention and generate significant income.

Although the Million Dollar Homepage was a product of its time and achieved its objective years ago, it remains a notable example of viral marketing and internet history. It showcased the power of an original concept combined with the online community's curiosity and engagement.

How many UK domains can be found on the Million Dollar Homepage?

Have you ever wondered how many UK domains can be found on the Million Dollar Homepage?

No, me neither. Well, except for today.

Why my brain decided to time travel back to 2005 and have this thought, I’ve absolutely no idea.

But using a little JavaScript in the web developer console, I was able to discover that there are 449 UK domains found on the Million Dollar Homepage.

Using some additional filtering, I was able to group and count the domains by extension:

  • 431
  • 6
  • 4

How many of those UK domains are available to register?

Whilst this page itself is part of historic internet royalty, I don’t personally see this would bring any true value to any of the domains linked from this page. Therefore, I decided to forego the effort of cleaning up the data any further and running the refined list through a bulk WHOIS.

But luckily for you, the lovely BaldIdiot from has done this for you!

At time of writing, the following domains are available to register:


If you’re interested, here is the list of all 449 UK domains found on the Million Dollar Homepage.

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