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August 2021 Sales Report Notes

A follow up blog post to the August 2021 monthly sales report

The August 2021 UK domain sales report highlighted something interesting to me, and I wanted to extract it from the sales report itself to avoid detracting from the subject matter. I also did not want to look like I was being negative towards Flip as a UK domain sales platform when the nature of my thoughts and writing come from a place of wanting all platforms to succeed!

Just to be clear...

Flip is a fantastic website offering both a marketplace and an auction platform, which is a really solid offering for both buyers and sellers of UK domain names. I cannot state enough how much of a benefit to the UK namespace Flip can (and does) provide to the market.

Potential Performance Optimisation and/or Improvement?

The following content originally existed in the sales report:

Something that I find interesting is that Domainlore sold 25 domains for £50 in August, totalling £1,250.

As a platform it implements a minimum sale value of £50 as a kind of quality pre-filter on submitted domains, along with £5 deposit/charge for domains that don’t sell.

Removing those 25x £50 sales from the results improves the average sale price by +34%, which is £210 per domain.

Does this mean anything quantifiable? Probably not, but I feel it is something that Flip could keep in mind to try and improve the quality (and maybe number) of domains on offer, helping to entice more sellers/investors over a period of time?

The ability to list a domain from £1 doesn’t really make much sense from a quality perspective in my opinion. As a seller I want to get a minimum of £50 to make it worth my while. As a buyer I want a quality filter on listings to warrant my regular time investment – and I feel Domainlore’s implementation works quite well.

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