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Domainlore Sales Trends

Discover the most popular Domainlore auction finish day and time

One of the most interesting things to me about historic sales data is using it to spot trends. This can be useful for answering questions like the Timing of DomainLore auctions, which was originally asked on Acorn Domains.

The question was:

I've noticed (unless I'm just imagining it) that not many DomainLore auctions end at the weekend.

Is that deliberate, i.e. do people avoid posting auctions that will end at the weekend because weekends are worse for bidding?

So, due to this needing a couple of queries that we can’t do using the public facing search form, I decided to do it manually!

What is the best day to finish a Domainlore auction?

Unfortunately this is the wrong question to ask. Or rather that it’s not an answer I can give, as this would require many more factors to take into consideration than I or Deny’s at Domainlore would have available, as it would need to take into account things like (but not limited to):

  • Month of the year – being closer to Christmas means less liquid financial situation?
  • Day of the month – the closer to pay day the better?
  • School holidays – whether a buyer may be distracted due to childcare duties?
  • Bank holiday weekend – Can have similar implications to school holidays
  • Sporting events – World Cup? European Cup? Keep in mind timezones, etc.
  • National events – General elections, local elections, etc.

So with the above in mind, let’s re-word the question...

What day do most Domainlore auctions end?

Now this is a question we can answer!

With a few custom queries, we are able to discover that at time of writing (27th September, 2021), we can see that Monday is the most common day for auctions to end, with 2,433 sales.

Day Sales
Monday 2,433
Thursday 2,351
Tuesday 2,327
Wednesday 2,215
Friday 2,160
Sunday 1,626
Saturday 1,026

What time do most Domainlore auctions end?

Unfortunately I’m unable to accurately filter data down to granular details such as time across the whole dataset due to legacy records.

But with the data we can make use of, I can see that the most common time range that sellers define when they initiate an auction is 14:00 – 16:00.

Is this pre-determined by the system on Domainlore, or is it conscious and manual decision by individual sellers? This might need more input from Deny’s at Domainlore.

I know the field is editable, but I don’t know if there is any logic in place to tweak the end time based on current time.

So, what time and day do most Domainlore auctions end?

So using historic UK domain sales data, we were able to determine that the most common time range and day to finish an auction is a Monday, between 14:00 – 16:00.

Is this the best time and day to end an auction? I have absolutely no idea. But I think data trends can be a useful tool with decision making.

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