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Another new UK domain name forum launched

After the closing of UKDNF, another new UK domain forum has launched.

After the sudden closure of over the weekend after much positive feedback and community involvement, surpassing the 100 members and 3000 posts milestones, the urgent need for a decent UK domain forum that isn't heavily censored and moderated became obvious.

As such, is a new UK focussed domain name forum was launched by Denys, who is not just a well known and experienced name within UK domain circles, he's also the talent behind

What's wrong with existing UK domain forum options?

Acorn Domains has absolutely lost its way under the current custodian of decades worth of valuable user generated content, and it will, unfortunately, die a death to low quality sales posts and imported RSS feeds from non-relevant TLD news sources.

I have built relationships, friendships, and (hopefully) a positive reputation there during this time. But over the course of the last 5-10 years the forum has changed hands twice, and it just isn't the same.

It turns out that the current owner will even delete content that is worded professionally in order to seek clarity of gaping security flaws in a new UK domain sales platform which published user account details, as well as banking details as plain text in the markup.

Why start/join a new UK domain name forum?

At least one of the benefits of joining is that the owner has zero interest in over-moderation and/or censorship.

If you launch a product with gaping security flaws, expect to take ownership, be held to account, and appease fears of those who are effectively your target market.

For many, that's reason enough.

Join 4m

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and join

Along with a few others well-known faces, I'll see you there.

Oh, and be sure to spread the news!

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